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Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo – Nicholas de Monchaux

Category : Astronautics, Design, History, Science, Space, Tech · No Comments · by May 21, 2011

An interesting interview by Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG) to Nicholas de Monchaux about his book “Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo”. As usually the post is a deep analysis of the book’s topics, ranging from clothing and architecture, the spacesuit as a portable environment, the space race of the ’60, cyborgs and so on.

From the post: ” Bridging the line between clothing and architecture, the spacesuit is a portable environment: a continuation of habitable space, safe for human beings, capable of radical detachment from the Earth. That a “soft” and pliable suit designed by Playtex — manufacturer of women’s underwear — would beat the “hard,” armor-like suit design of military contractors is the surprising core story of de Monchaux’s research.”

[Images: From Spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo by Nicholas de Monchaux].