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Subblue: a fractal renaissance

Category : Art, Science · No Comments · by April 17, 2011

The first time I read about fractals (the Mandelbrot set) was in the far 1985, soon I started to coding my own version with a Sinclair Spectrum.. After more than twenty years of fractals crunched in every possible way, to be honest, I felt really uninterested about these multicolor, baroque.. and boring forms. Until now. Tom Beddard (Subblue) gives new fresh air to the fractal arena, with well crafted shapes and smart coding strategies in order to experience them in real time, even in your browser, with the recent WebGL extension. Try FractalLab with Chrome or Firefox 4. Moving in real time inside an infinite complexity, with fog and light effects is really stunning! May be a quantum leap in our understanding of fractals as an expressive matter for art.