Nucleus 04 / ellipsoid with boxes aspect ratio defined by their orthogonal distance from center

Nuclei::states_of_matter from novastructura on Vimeo. [Video created on Nov. 01, 2011] Generated with a complete free code pipeline; rapid code prototyping with Processing, c++ conversion in my app Koan3d that drives a RIB exporter for the Renderman renderer 3Delight, video editing and mp4 conversion with Avisynth and sound creation and editing with Audacity. The video has been a test for the multi-segment motion blur feature that I recently added to my RIB exporter, that made possible the render of the ultra-fast object's spinning

Nucleus 05 / ellipsoid with boxes aspect ratio function of their abs(x) distance from centre

Nucleus 03 / spherical set of boxes whose orientation is driven by a field

Nucleus 02 / ruled based boxes aspect ratio

Nucleus 04 / randomly generated boxes approximate a spherical volume, with progressive smaller size

Nucleus 05 / thin spherical shell of boxes - asymmetrical density due to the generative pseudorandom process

Nucleus 07 / density-size field based on interferences of sinewave 3d functions

Nucleus 09 / ellipsoid with boxes generation driven by a field of sinewave 3d functions

Nuclei - Processing applet snapshots